Outdoor Yoga in Nature

Looking at this photo of Sarah practicing the yogic asana pose ‘Virabhadrasana II’ in front of the Akropolis shows that yoga and architecture don’t exclude each other. Sarah, certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance) and former team member of Swiss-Architects, offers individual yoga classes which can also be held outside in summer.

Sarah Mai teaches yoga not only in different studios, she also visits the students. You can start the day practicing asanas on your own roof top terrace in order to wake up body and mind. Sun salutations wake vitalize, balancing exercises on one leg improve your focus and breath work supports concentration.

You could also find a shady spot in a nearby park and practice yoga during lunch break. Gentle movement in fresh air are an ideal compensation to office work at the computer.

Lessons are charged: CHF 120.00 for at least 3 people.

sarah@sarahmai.yoga oder telefonisch unter 079 228 98 48

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