The quieter you become,
the more you can hear

ram dass

After attending my first yoga class in 2004, my initial curiosity for yoga developed into a real passion. I was fascinated by the deep union of precise bodywork and spirituality. Yoga has guided me through many challenging phases in life, helping me to find my grounding and boosting my self-confidence.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Trainings (Yoga Alliance) at AIRYOGA in Zurich: In 2012 a 200-hour Vinyasa Flow Training and in 2015 a 300-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Training with Stephen Thomas. I continue to deepen my knowledge in workshops with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Rachel Zinman, Marc Holzmann, Yogeswari, Mark Stephens, and others. This year I  attended the teacher module ‚Chakra’ at the Swiss Yoga Studium‘ with Johannes Glarner, deepening my knowledge about the subtle and energetic work with the chakras. Furthermore I assist my teacher Stephen Thomas at the 200-hour Teacher Trainings in AIRYOGA where we share our love and knowledge with all these new wonderful new yoga teachers.

I emphasize practicing mindfully and listening to the body’s intuitive feedback. In my classes I always refer back to an awareness of the breath. Yoga shall not merely ground and strengthen us, but support us to find a peaceful path to our inner essence. I share my philosophical understanding of yoga with my students,  inviting them to lead their awareness from the mind into the space of the heart and to reside in that space.

I teach my classes in German and English.


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